About Me

Do you ever get so caught up in the everyday monotony that it feels time is going by too
fast? You’re driving to work trying to remember your to-do list, img_8346your grocery list, meetings and taking kids to sports that you actually forget what it is that you’re doing it all for? Relax, you are just like everyone else! Here is a fact, you cannot make time stand still. In fact, our lives will only continue to get busier. But that is why I am here doing what I love to do! To capture moments and freeze them in time for you. A moment or a face (or a family of faces) that you can reflect on and smile. To me, photos are time capsules and they are memories that become priceless.

I have always had a passion for all forms of art and creativity. As well as living outside the busy lifestyles we have created in order to savor the beauty of life. My goal has always been to try and capture that beauty. To preserve it & to present it to those still longing to see it. I draw, paint and photograph to try and capture all that is around us.

I am an on-location, natural light photographer. I want to capture you in places that you love, where you feel comfortable. The woods, beach, lake, or your backyard hammock with a margarita in your hand while your kids play tag behind you. I welcome the opportunity to be invited to your child’s birthday party or capture your kids playing at the beach. Did you buy your baby a new outfit so adorable that you want everyone to see? Does your child do a really neat trick with a skateboard that you would love to freeze it to a frame on your wall? I think engagement photos and senior pictures are perfect excuses to for a day at the park. I want to be there for your happy moments and smiling faces.

My style is fun, casual and fresh.

To set an appointment or a consultation you can call me at (425)359-8320 or shoot me an email at simplelifecreated@gmail.com

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